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Mudras & Bhandas| Definition

तस्मात्सर्व-परयत्नेन परबोधयितुमीश्वरीम |बरह्म-दवार-मुखे सुप्तां मुद्राभ्यासं समाछरेत् ||  ||



prabodhayitumīśvarīm |

brahma-dvāra-mukhe suptāṃ

mudrābhyāsaṃ samācharet || 5 ||


 यो बध्यते सः बन्धः 

(Yo Badhyte sah Bandh)


  A gesture, usually done with the hands, which focuses and directs energy in a yoga pose or meditation.


  Bandha may be defined as a particular action involving pressure or strain on the muscles. locks that hold the pranic energy or psychic energy within certain areas (chakras) of the body. In order, therefore, to reach God Spirituality, mudrâs should be practised well.


In the practise of bandha specific part of the body powerfully contracted or tightened.