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Chakras | Definition

अष्ट चक्रा नव द्वारा देवानां पुरयोध्या। तस्यां हिरण्यः कोश स्वर्गो ज्योतिषावृताः।।

 Asta chakra nava dwara devanaam puryodhya, Tsyaam hirnayah kosh swhrgo jyotishavrithah. 

 "Chakra” is a Sanskrit word literally meaning "wheel". There are total 8 chakras. The transfer of prana or energy  takes place through the seven main energy centres or chakras, which are situated along the etheric spine. The chakras system does extend to a further 72,000 minor  energy points (nadis) throughout the body.

Within the human body, 7 major energy centers or Chakras have been identified, as well as 122 minor ones in our joints, bones, and nerves. Learning to ground, collect, and to stabilize your chakra energy will make a big difference in your body and in your life. You will feel more anchored, connected, safe, and secure.