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Aaroma | Definition

Aroma therapy Massage is a highly useful treatment for curing emotional and physical illnesses. Through expert massage, the dynamic ingredients of medicinal herbs and oils are mixed with a carrier oil, to permeate the bloodstream, and subsequently pacify the nervous system.

The medicinal features, including the aroma, of the herbs and oils help in better functioning of your internal organs. The massage is also effective in stimulating nerve endings and blood flow.

Developed specially for India, Aayog's Aromatherapy Massage combines intoxicating spices with traditional dry massage to help release tension and toxins from the body. Our qualified therapists are well-versed in gently heating the medicinal herbs, mixing the inputs into the oils, and massaging the aromatic concoction against your body muscles, to give you a matchless invigorating experience.

The essential oils we use are extracted from flowers, herbs and leaves that are grown exclusively in Kerala for the purpose.

Aaroma body massage is an exquisite way to heal your mind, body and soul making it an absolute revitalizing experience. The essential oils used for aaroma therapy are of medicated value often considered to cure health related problems occured due to stress.

The pre-requisites considered for this body massage are natural and of good quality ensuring a healthy and hygenic aaroma therapy treatment for its clients. The massage therapy comes with a bunch of significance resulting in good health refreshing mind and body and further relieving the clients from stress.





After undergoing the Aayog Aromatherapy Massage treatment from our spa, you will emerge with several benefits, including:
•    Stress reduction
•    Stimulated blood circulation
•    Decreased fatigue
•    Removal of toxins from muscles, skin
•    Healthy, shining skin
•    Improved body flexibility
•    Strengthened immune system
•    Body, mind relaxation

Duration: 1hr